Distribution Partners

SQUABIT distribution partners get two major benefits. Firstly, a significant new monthly revenue stream and a secure messaging tool that can be used broadcast to one, some or all of your staff and/or your customers. Because the only thing that can be sent to a SQUABIT app is a URL, this can be instant, completely secure, totally reliable with full traceability unlike email

Content partners

If your are a provider of genuinely original content and not rehashed and plagiarised content from other wesbites, then please submit your website (or websites) for our approval. If we accept your website(s), we will include it as part of our original news sources. The benefits to you are: Vastly increased readership, more page impressions and a significant share of our advertising revenue

Advertising partners

If you wish to advertise on SQUABIT, then we can offer a very unique service. We only accept advertsisers on a CPM basis but we can target your ads so that they only appear to an interested audience We operate in a similar fashion to Facebook so your ads will be highly targeted. We only accept full banner (468x60) and wide skyscraper (160x600). Ads must not contain flash content

Providing new content delivery services

SQUABIT is a game changer. It changes the way people search for new content and it changes the way orginal content providers are rewarded. Up until now, print publishers and broadcasters have had their honest and hard paid for journalistic efforts and orginal content exploited by plagiarists on the internet. SQUABIT allows orginal content providers to be fairly rewarded for their efforts and we exclude plagiarists from the SQUABIT content universe