Where does the content come from?

We source content from the top news sites in the world (see above). As soon as new content is published on any of these web sites that matches your search terms, then that news story is delivered

Why do I need a search category

Qualifying your search term using our radio button categories allows you to restrict the news stories you are interested in. For example, search for 'Liverpool' when you have selected 'football' as the category will only produce results content for football based content not everything about the city. Less is more with SQUABIT

Why is SQUABIT free?

SQUABIT is free in all formats at the moment because it is supported by contextual ads at the left and top of any news stories tyou read

Will it slow my PC down?

Certainly not. SQUABIT uses less than 1% of your system resources. It is guaranteed free from malware or spyware