Who we are

An internet business that really wants to change the world

SQUABit is a company that is dedicated to developing new ideas for searching and delivering information on the internet. We patent, develop and deliver these ideas using the latest technologies available

We have an immensely experienced management team who have both vision and determination to execute our ambitious plans to change the way information is searched for and delivered on the web

Our diverse management team has a proven track record in developing internet software, taking technology companies to market and massively increasing shareholder value in a short space of time

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Job opportunities

Online marketing professionals
We are looking for experienced online marketers who have a proven track record in buying and selling online advertising assets
Flash Builder 4.5.1 developers
Experienced developers with knowledge of mobile app development using this technology
Hardcore MySQL experts
Must have experience of sharding, Spinx and large scale database architectures with linear scalability
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Our management team